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Follow Your Bliss

Jump into Enlightenment


The great mythologist Joseph Campbell told us to follow our bliss.


And… How’d he come up with that?

Well, among many other things, Joseph Campbell was a Sanskrit scholar. He tells us that the ancient wisdom texts known as the Upanishads tell us that there are three jumping off points into enlightenment: sat, chit, and ananda.

Sat means “beingness.”

Chit means “consciousness.”

Ananda means “bliss.”

Campbell said, “Well, if I’m honest with myself, I don’t really know what proper ‘beingness’ is. Or, really, what proper ‘consciousness’ looks like. BUT!!! My bliss? My rapture? THAT I can follow.”

Enter: Follow your bliss.

Today’s +1.

What gives you joy? When do you most feel alive?

Are you doing it?

How can you do just a little more of that today?

To your bliss!