#782 Destiny + Destination

Where Are You Headed?

In our last +1, we talked about Joshua Rosenthal’s wisdom that “Health is a vehicle, not a destination.

Of course, we reflected on the fact that OPTIMIZING is also a vehicle, not a destination.

Immediately after finishing the first draft of that +1, I opened my Apple dictionary so I could look up the etymology of the word destination to see the connection between destination and destiny.

Here’s what I found.

The word destination is from “late Middle English: from Latin destinatio(n-), from destinare ‘make firm, establish’. The original sense was ‘the action of intending someone or something for a purpose’, later ‘being destined for a place’, hence (from the early 19th century) the place itself.”

So, in short, one could say (with a little creative liberty) that our destiny is our purpose in life and our destination is where that destiny takes us.

In any case, we would be wise to a) make sure our vehicles are in great shape and b) know where we’re headed! 🤓

That’s Today’s +1.

Another two-part question series (followed by a little bonus high five on the way out).

1. What’s YOUR destiny/destination? (aka: Where are you headed?!)
2. How’s your vehicle? (aka: You energized and feeling bright and shiny?!)

Let’s celebrate just how far we’ve come on this precious journey of ours as we have fun busting out the Life Map to get a little more clarity on where we’re headed while also remembering to spend some time in the Optimize Service Center for a little vehicle fine-tuning!

Then get back out on the road and enjoy the whole process, eh? 🤠

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