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Optimize Your Life

Access the entire collection of Optimize wisdom—including 600+ PhilosophersNotes, 1,000+ Optimize +1s and 50 Optimal Living 101 classes—completely free for 14 days.

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Optimize is, bar none, my go to source for taking a time efficient deep dive into some of the world’s best books, without needing to read the whole book but instead getting quick, thorough, helpful summaries of exactly what I need to know. It’s an indispensable resource!

Tal Ben-Shahar
Ben Greenfield

Author of the New York Times Bestseller Beyond Training

One of my treasured morning rituals is reading the fascinating insight from Optimize. Every day, without exception, Optimize + 1 fuels me emotionally, intellectually and spiritually!

Tal Ben-Shahar
Tal Ben-Shahar

Taught two of the largest classes in Harvard’s history, best-selling author of Happier