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  • The Artist's Way 25th Anniversary Edition

    by Julia Cameron

    This is the 25th Anniversary Edition of the classic book that has inspired millions of creative people around the world. It’s essentially a 12-week course in helping us “discover” and “recover” our creative selves. It’s *packed* with exercises and questions to help us connect with the “Great Creator” within as we free up our latent creative potential. Big Ideas we explore include: the spiral path, morning pages, artist dates, gain disguised as loss, and the magic, grace and power of action.

  • The Master Key Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom

    by Robert Peng, Rafael Nasser

    Robert Peng is one of the world’s leading Qigong masters. In addition to some powerful Qigong practices and an overview of how it all works, Robert shares his utterly fascinating and captivating personal story about how he met and trained with his master as a boy in China. (I felt like I was reading Dan Millman’s Way of the Peaceful Warrior. But Robert’s master, Xiao Yao, is a) real and b) even more powerful than Dan’s fictional Socrates. :) Big Ideas we explore: the meaning of Qigong, #1 goal of spiritual development, The Four Golden Wheels and a sense of destiny.

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