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    In ancient Greek, the word “hērōs” meant PROTECTOR. Not “tough guy” or “killer of bad guys” but PROTECTOR.

    A hero has strength for TWO.

    A hero’s secret weapon? LOVE. Compassion. Empathy. A hero, quite simply, cares.

    And… A hero is willing to do the (often hard!) work of creating the strength for 2 (or for 20 or 200 or 2,000 or… 2m… or 2b…).

    Our world needs heroes today more than ever before.

    We need YOU to be a hero.

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    James Kouzes + Barry Posner have studied thousands of leaders. They distilled the essence of exemplary leadership in 5 Practices (key word: PRACTICES–aka, things we can *all* do to optimize). Here they are.

  • Micro Class Video Cover

    You know what the foundation of leadership is? Credibility. Know how to build your credibility as a leader? Four key qualities. Here they are.

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