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Messages are on their way! Stay tuned for tons of Optimizations in the days + weeks + months (+ years + decades) ahead!


  • Spiritual Evolution How We Are Wired for Faith, Hope, and Love

    by George Vaillant

    George Vaillant is a psychiatrist and Harvard professor who, for 35 years, led Harvard’s 70+ year Study of Adult Development. (You learn a thing or three when you follow the development of teenagers as they grew into great-grandparents.) In this book, he tells us that we can evolve spiritually. Leaning on his experience running Harvard’s study plus cultural anthropology, ethology and neuroscience, he walks us through the biological underpinnings of the positive emotions that make up our spirituality: faith, love, hope, joy, forgiveness, compassion and awe.

  • The Confidence Gap A Guide to Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt

    by Dr. Russ Harris

    Russ Harris is one of the world’s leading authorities on one of the most cutting-edge forms of therapy known as Acceptance and Commitment Training, or ACT for short (pronounced like the word “act” not A.C.T.). In this book, Russ tells us that we’ve been following the wrong rule book if we want to dial in our confidence. We explore The Golden Rule of confidence (and 9 other rules), why we need to defuse from our negative thoughts NOT try to eliminate them, how to have instant success (presto!), and how to move from FEAR to DARE as we live the great adventure that is our lives.

  • The Path to Purpose How Young People Find Their Calling in Life

    by William Damon

    This book is a scientific look at Purpose by one of the world’s leading developmental psychologists—a powerful look at how to cultivate purpose in our children (and, for that matter, ourselves) and why it’s so important. Big Ideas we explore include a definition of what it means to be purposeful (and a look at the alternatives), the #1 thing that gets in the way of discovering and creating purpose, 9 key things parents can do to help their kids with purpose, why entrepreneurial spirit is so important and a four-word mantra to reduce timidity and build courage and confidence.

  • Buddhism Day by Day Wisdom for Modern Life

    by Daisaku Ikeda

    Buddhism Day by Day is a collection of thoughts from Daisaku Ikeda, the leader of Nichiren Buddhism and one of the most respected Buddhist philosophers alive whose work has inspired millions around the world. It’s a very ENGAGED form of Buddhism that I love. Big Ideas we explore include: True enlightenment, making a vow, the real optimism, repaying debts of gratitude, nourishing our soul and how to measure our true worth.

  • The Miracle of Right Thought

    by Orison Swett Marden

    Marden wrote this book in 1910. To put that in perspective: Teddy Roosevelt had just left the Presidency. I just love the old-school, hard-hitting, uber-inspiring wisdom Marden delivers. The founder of SUCCESS magazine, he’s kinda like a mashup of Ralph Waldo Emerson, James Allen and Tony Robbins. Big Ideas we explore: the power of vision, letting go of fear, and basking in the sunshine of right thought.

  • Organize Tomorrow Today 8 Ways to Retrain Your Mind to Optimize Performance at Work and in Life

    by Jason Selk, Matthew Rudy

    Jason Selk is one of the world’s leading peak performance/mental training experts. Tom Bartow is one of the world’s leading financial advisor trainers. Together they provide a manual on how to “start every day with more focus, confidence, and energy—by learning how to set the right priorities." Great stuff. Big Ideas we cover: Your 2 top questions for tomorrow, the Zeigarnik Effect, the importance of Nailing it, why fight-thrus are the key to creating habits, your new mental toughness workout, and repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition...

  • The Way of the SEAL Think Like an Elite Warrior to Lead and Succeed

    by Mark Divine

    A former U.S. Navy SEAL Commander, Mark Divine integrates the ancient warrior traditions with grounded, practical virtue and 21st century get-it-done effectiveness in a way that I find incredibly inspiring. Big Ideas we cover include the power of front-sight focus, how to DIRECT your mind, going Yoda on your commitments and creating micro goals when things are tough.

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