The Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics

Let the Silva Method of Mind Development Teach You How to: Become More Secure and Self Aware, Improve Your Relationships, Be Physically Healthier, Develop a Zest for Living, Strengthen All Positive Aspects of Your Life
by Jose Silva and Burt Goldman | 304 pages

This book is one of the most densely packed with goodness books out there and in the Note we're going to explore the different brain waves and the fact that stress causes faster brain waves than relaxation along with how and why we want to drop into "alpha" as often as possible. Plus, we'll look at how to turn fear into excitement (really cool Idea!), the seven hermetic laws and the five rules for happiness.

“This philosophy is about enjoying things you like, avoiding or changing things you do not like, and accepting what you cannot avoid or change by the skillful use of your viewpoint.”

~ José Silva and Burt Goldman from The Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics

This is a phenomenal book. Found it randomly while staying at a friend’s house in Bali and *loved* it. A quick-reading 250 pages, it’s among the most densely-packed-with-wisdom books out there. (Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success still holds the record in my book. :)

We’ll touch on several of my favorite Big Ideas here and if you’re diggin’ it, I highly recommend you check it out for more ideas on how to control your mind through visualization while changing your thoughts to live a happier, more fulfilled and stress-free life!

For now, let’s talk about your brain. :)

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Jose Silva

Author of The Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics

Burt Goldman

Author of The Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics