The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle

by Jim Rohn | 125 pages

Jim Rohn influenced a generation of self-help gurus and this book lays out his "five major keys for the life puzzle." We'll take a quick look at your life philosophy, what you're doing with the 86,400 ticks each day, how to finish before you start as you design your ideal life and other such goodness.

“There are always just a few important principles that account for most of the progress we make in our lives. It is these “basics” that have the greatest effect on our health, our happiness, and our bank accounts. This is not to suggest that there are only a few life-changing ideas that will affect us, for surely there are many. What I am suggesting, however, is that you begin your search by focusing on the five fundamentals we will examine in this book. It is these few among the many that will account for the biggest share of the results you will achieve.

You will never be able to master every aspect of your life. To try to become the master of every detail of your life will only lead to frustration. Instead, why not go after the few among the many, the few that will make the most difference, the fundamental subjects that will have the greatest impact in determining the quality of your existence?”

~ Jim Rohn from The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle

Focusing on the few among the many.

That’s always a wise place to start!

Jim Rohn was an inspiration to many of today’s leading self-development teachers—from Tony Robbins and Les Brown to Mark Victor Hanson and countless others.

In this book, he shares his “Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle.” They are, in brief, creating a life PHILOSOPHY, getting your ATTITUDE right, taking disciplined, diligent ACTION, producing solid RESULTS and optimizing your LIFESTYLE.

It’s a quick-reading book packed with a bunch of quotable goodness. As always, let’s take a quick look at a handful of my favorite Big Ideas!

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