The Art of Loving

by Erich Fromm | 123 pages

Erich Fromm, a leading 20th century psychologist, tells us that love is an art--and that if we want to master love then we need to study it like we would any other art we want to master. In this Note, we’ll explore some Big Ideas on how to rock both the theory and the practice of love. Big Ideas include moving from “falling in” love to “STANDING in” love plus the need to get rid of the illusions of a perfect relationship. If you’re looking for more love in your life, you’ll dig it.

“Is love an art? Then it requires knowledge and effort. Or is love a pleasant sensation, which to experience is a matter of chance, something one “falls into” if one is lucky? This little book is based on the former premise, while undoubtedly the majority of people today believe in the latter.”

~ Erich Fromm from The Art of Loving

Erich Fromm was a leading 20th century psychologist and this book has sold millions of copies. It’s packed with Big Ideas on both the theory and the practice of the art of loving.

In this Note, I’m excited to share a handful of my favorites that’ll (hopefully!) help us get our love on more consistently starting today. :)

Let’s jump in!

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Erich Fromm

One of the world’s leading psychoanalysts.