25th Anniversary Edition
by Ellen Langer | 246 pages

Ellen Langer is one of the world's leading researchers studying the science of well-being. This book was was published over 25 years ago—before the concept of “mindfulness” went mainstream. Ellen takes a Western scientific orientation to mindfulness (vis-a-vis an Eastern mystical) as she challenges us to overcome our mindless patterns, let go of false limits, focus on the process and notice all the wonders present in our lives.

“This is a book about how you can find peace and contentment in such troubled and frantic times as these. Or rather, this is a book about how you can rediscover them; for there are deep wellsprings of peace and contentment living inside us all, no matter how trapped and distraught we might feel. They’re just waiting to be liberated from the cage that our frantic and relentless way of life has crafted for them. . . .

We wrote this book to help you understand where true happiness, peace and contentment can be found and how you can rediscover them for yourself. It will teach you how to free yourself progressively from anxiety, stress, unhappiness and exhaustion. We’re not promising eternal bliss; everyone experiences periods of pain and suffering, and it’s naive and dangerous to pretend otherwise. And yet, it is possible to taste an alternative to the relentless struggle that pervades much of our daily lives.”

~ Mark Williams and Danny Penman from Mindfulness


I’m currently having fun diving into neuroscience + mindfulness + other such goodness. I actually purchased three books with the title “Mindfulness” on the same day. This was the first I read. Really good.

Mark Williams is a professor of clinical psychology at Oxford and a leader in the field of applying mindfulness to cognitive therapy. (<— very cool!) He and Danny Penman teamed up to create this “eight-week plan for finding peace in a frantic world.”

The book is packed with both high level insights into the nuts and bolts of the why’s and how’s of mindfulness + meditation, plus a series of mindfulness meditation practices we can engage in over the prescribed eight week period of time to transform our lives.

I’m excited to share a handful of my favorite Big Ideas. Let’s jump straight in!

We’ll start with a basic, essential question:

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About the author


Ellen Langer

Author and Harvard Professor of Psychology - "the mother of mindfulness"