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World Champion You Training Camp

What Would Your Life Look Like If THAT Was the Standard?


Josh Waitzkin is a fascinating guy. You know that movie Searching for Bobby Fisher featuring a little chess prodigy kid?

Well, Josh was that kid. The movie was based on a book his dad wrote about his rise to the top of the chess world.

After dominating chess as a kid and young adult, Josh found himself a bit burned out and moved on to master the martial side of Tai Chi — becoming a world champion in the process.

Then he wrote a book on how he did it. It’s called The Art of Learning but I think a more appropriate title might be The Art of Mastery.

I rarely spend any time on the Internet but I wanted to see what Josh was up to these days so I cruised over to his site and clicked around. I wound up on a page for his 1-on-1 coaching services. He said he wasn’t accepting new clients but if you wanted to apply and put yourself on a list you could.

But, he said, only apply if you are committed to living like you’re in a world-champion training camp.

Think about that for a moment.

What would YOUR life look like if you were in a WORLD CHAMPION (as in, trying to be the absolute best at what you do) Training Camp?

Well, what would it look like?

In his book, Josh tells us we need to make a decision. We need to decide whether we want to be decent at what we do. Good at what we do. Or great at it. Or among the best. Or, THE BEST at what you do.

He tells us that if you want to go through life and be “decent,” you have a high margin for error. You can have a setback like a job loss or whatever and sit on your couch eating Cheetos for a month or three.

But if you have REALLY high standards and aspirations, you’ve gotta step up.

So… For the sake of discussion, let’s assume you’d like to become THE best version of you. You’re stepping into a World Champion You Training Camp. As in, you just stepped into it a second ago.

What’s your life look like starting TODAY?

What immediately gets dropped? And what immediately gets dialed in?

Go get ‘em Champ!!