#757 Watering the Things That Matter

What Needs Some TLC Today?

As we’ve discussed, I’m not the best gardener. Nor am I the handiest of men. (And let’s not forget that I’m pretty bad in the kitchen as well, eh? 🤓)

I am slightly embarrassed to admit that my incompetence also extends to taking care of house plants. (Hah.)

With apologies to the plant currently adorning a shelf in my office, let’s talk about watering plants today.

So, yah.

I have a plant in my office. Not sure what kind he is but nice big flappy leaves. (lol)

Those leaves are super springy and open and awesome when he’s well watered. When I forget to water him (sorry, buddy!), his leaves get all sad and droopy and literally bend over the pot like he (or is it she?) is all tired.

But what I find so astonishing (and that I’d like to focus on Today) is just how fast he springs back to life with a little tender loving care in the form of water.

That’s Today’s +1.

Got anything that’s kinda droopy in your life?

Maybe it’s a plant.

Or a relationship.

Or your bank balance.

Or perhaps your body?


What is it for you? What’s one area of your life that’s a little droopy?

How about we add a little TLC-water to it and see that droop turn into springy goodness?

btw: Remember our grow lights? Same thing here.

What we shine the spotlight of our attention on flourishes.

So let’s turn it up and get to watering shall we?!


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