#442 WARNING: Noisy Environments

Can Diminish Your Performance

As I was writing that last +1 about our two Goddesses, some sort of truck starting beeping down the street.

I immediately reached over and put on my super simple sound proofing ear muffs.

And, I thought of a little study.

Get this.

Imagine an airport. The planes (obviously) have to fly over a certain segment of that population. Did you know that the kids in that fly zone have been shown to score worse than kids who AREN’T in that fly zone?


And, get this: Move the airport and their scores will suddenly go up. (While the new fly-zone kids’ performance will go down.)

Crazy, eh?

Same rules apply to any other intermittent source of loud noise—whether that’s trains, subways or trucks—in your classroom or in your office.


If you want your performance to go up (and that of your kids and colleagues, etc.), create some quiet.

That’s Today’s +1.

How’s the noise in your environment?

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