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Virtuous vs. Vicious

Which Are You?


Here’s another interesting etymological distinction.

We all know that when we live with virtue we are virtuous.

But, what about when we live with vice?

Well… When we live with vice we are, technically, vicious.

Virtuous vs. vicious.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the word “vicious” I think of an aggressive dog foaming at the mouth and getting ready to bite.

And, alas, I think that’s the perfect vision for US in those moments when we live with vice. Fact is, we’re a bit more like that vicious dog than we may care to admit.

The solution?

As always, virtue.


As always, right this moment.

Notice we’re drifting. Play the equanimity game. Get back to our best selves.

Perhaps we should make it the “tame the wild dog game.” (Hah. Whatever it takes!)

When at a crossroads today, let’s choose virtue over vice. Let’s be virtuous rather than vicious.

And, let’s aggregate and compound those tiny little incremental optimizations over an extended period of time and shine with the radiant enthusiasm only discovered when we live in integrity with our highest ideals.

Here’s to your virtue!