#412 "This is my way; where is yours?"

"… For the way — that does not exist." - Nietzsche

A couple +1s ago we had some fun with Nietzsche. We left his company all too quickly. Today we’ll take a quick look at another one of my all-time favorite aphorisms.

Nietzsche (via his iconoclastic Zarathustra) tells us: “‘This is my way; where is yours?’ — Thus I answered those who asked me ‘the way.’ For the way — that does not exist.”

Student: “What’s the way?”

Philosopher: “‘THE way? Sorry. Doesn’t exist.” “This is my way. What’s yours?”

Reminds me of Seneca delivering his wisdom like a friend in an adjacent hospital bed.

It also reminds me of the 20th century spiritual teacher Vernon Howard who tells us: “No one can tell you what is right for you except for yourself. So start telling yourself what to do. If you blunder for ten years while thinking for yourself, that is rich treasure when compared with living these ten years under the mental domination of another. The only true, honest and enriching authority is the internal authority of your own Supermind.”


Today’s +1.

What’s your way?

You on it?

What’s one little thing you can do today to be just a bit more in integrity with your deepest truths?

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