#888 The Pearl in My Pocket

Irritant → Awesome

Not too long ago, we talked about How to Make a Pearl.

As you may recall, an irritant gets inside an oyster’s shell. The oyster creates something called “nacre” that coats the irritant. Repeat THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of times. Over an extended period of time.



Behold the iridescently beautiful pearl.

Isn’t that nature’s ultimate demonstration of antifragile awesome?!

Take an irritant. Add a little micro-magic. Give it reps and time. Get a gem.

I just love that.

Which is why I often like to carry a pearl in my pocket.

Feeling irritated by one of life’s rubs?

I touch the pearl.


Those little challenges are the very source of my growth and eudaimonic joy.

That’s Today’s +1.

If you feel so inspired, imagine a little pearl in your pocket the next time you feel a little irritated Today.

Let’s remember nature’s little antifragile miracle.

(And… If you feel really inspired, get a pearl for the ol’ pocket. 🤓)

(I got my little (9-10mm) guy on Etsy!)

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