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The Happiness Archetype

vs. Rat Racer + Hedonist + Nihilist


Tal Ben-Shahar tells us that there are four different archetypes.

The Rat Racer. The Hedonist. The Nihilist. And The Happy Person.

The Rat Racer is always chasing after a goal in the future and never happy in the moment. The Hedonist is always in the moment but never moving forward. The Nihilist has given up on both the present and the future.

Then, we have the Happiness Archetype.

The Happy Person is the one who has a goal that inspires her AND is enjoying the moments of the journey.

Tal tells us to imagine climbing a mountain. We don’t just wander around the mountain. And we don’t just sprint to the top. We pick a peak that’s worthy of us and we enjoy the view along the way.

How about you?

Got a mountain peak that’s inspiring you?

And, how’s the view?