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The #1 Key to Happiness + Flourishing

Hint: Become BFFs with your Inner Soul


Imagine your ideal self.

Smiling and waving at you.

See ‘em?!

(Seriously. Take a deep breath/10 seconds and bring that epically awesome you to life in your mind.)

Here’s the deal: That ideal version of you is pretty much watching you all day every day. The Stoic philosophers called this “the Other.” Modern theologians would call it your conscience.

Back in the day, another name for that highest version of yourself was “daimon”—a sort of inner soul and guiding spirit that exists within each of us.

The old-school philosophers considered your relationship with this inner soul THE most important thing in life. They said that if you want to be happy you need to be on really good terms with your daimon.

In fact, their word for happiness was eudaimōn which literally means “good soul.”

All of which begs the question: How’s your relationship with your inner soul?

And, the most important question for today (and everyday): What’s one little thing you can do to +1 that relationship today?