#843 Power x3

Wantpower + Willpower + Waypower

Way back in the day, we talked about Rick Snyder’s wisdom on The Science of Hope.

As you may recall, he tells us that Hope consists of, essentially, three parts:

1. A Goal that inspires us (and makes us believe the future will be better than our current reality—which, btw, is the essence of hope; not believing our futures will be better is the essence of hopelessness which is associated with all the things we don’t want…).
2. A sense of Agency that we can actually make that better future a reality.
3. And, a willingness to explore multiple Pathways to get there—pivoting and going over, under, and around the inevitable (!) obstacles we face.

Professor Snyder captures those three facets in three words: Goals + Willpower + Waypower.

Before we proceed…

How about a quick check in on how we’re doing hope-wise…

How’re you doing with each of those three elements of Optimizing your Hope?!

Got a goal that’s inspiring you? Believe you can achieve it? Willing to explore multiple pathways? (Fantastic.)


I think we can consider adding a third “power” to our Willpower + Waypower.

Let’s call it “Wantpower.”

That Goal?

You’ve gotta really want it.

Do you?

That’s Today’s +1.

Wantpower + Willpower + Waypower.

Let’s Optimize our 3 WPs.

+1WP. +1WP. +1WP.

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