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Messages are on their way! Stay tuned for tons of Optimizations in the days + weeks + months (+ years + decades) ahead!

Moist Robots

How to Program Yourself for Awesome

While we’re on a roll with some Scott Adams wisdom, how about one more?

Scott tells us that we’re kinda like moist Robots.

We’re programmable.

We just need to learn how to program our Robot-selves for optimal performance.

The first few buttons he tells us to push?

How we eat, move and sleep.

So… Today’s +1 question: When you, Mr. or Ms. Robot, are at your absolute best, what are you doing?!

How are you eating?
How are you moving?
How are you sleeping?

What SPECIFIC behaviors are you engaged in when you’re at your best that, clearly, really work for you?

Guess what: This isn’t rocket science. And, we actually already know how to program ourselves.

We just need to DO the things that work!!! (And, of course, STOP doing the things that don’t.)

Let’s program your Robot today +1-style:

Robot: Do this today: ____________________.

Robot: STOP doing this today: ____________________.


Go Optimizing Robot go!!!

Optimize +1

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