#930 Micro Prospectus

Moving Forward with Hope Carpe Diem Style

Not too long ago we talked about the fact that the word prosperity literally means “to go forward with hope.”

Then, as you may recall, I challenged us to take some time to create a prospectus that inspires us to invest in the project that is our masterpiece lives such that we consistently MOVE FORWARD WITH HOPE.


I realized that this is pretty much exactly what we’re trying to do with our Coaches on a daily, micro-prospectus level via something we’re calling “Carpe Diem” journaling.

Carpe Diem.

Seize the day!!


Create a micro-prospectus.


Well, one way is via The Big 3 (x 2): Energy + Work + Love (x Identity + Virtues + Behaviors).

In (very) short:

Identity: Who are you at your Optimus best Energy + Work + Love-wise?

Virtues: What virtues do you embody as you express your best in each of those Identities?

Behaviors: What’s ONE thing that best version of you would do TODAY Energy + Work + Love-wise?

That’s it. #carpediem

You can do the whole thing in a minute by writing 9 words. Or, you can spend a few more minutes if you feel so inspired.

Super simple micro-prospectus.


Today. Tomorrow. The day after that.

Stoke the fire of hope.



(btw: We’ll be unpacking this whole process a LOT more in our upcoming Mastery Series. For now, here’s a little one-page journal sheet you can play with. And, here’s Michael showing you how to rock it.)

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