#674 Meet Leo(nidas)

The Ultimate #OMMS Symbol

In our last +1, we met Spartan Race Founder/CEO Joe De Sena’s son Jack. As you may recall, at six years old he had the willpower of an ancient Spartan warrior!

When asked if he’d like one scoop of ice cream now or two if he waited fifteen minutes he responded with, “How long will I have to wait for fifteen scoops?” ← LOL

Today we’re going to meet another member of Joe’s family.

Yes, he has a wife and kids. And, I imagine he has a bunch of animals cruising around his farm in Vermont. But today we’re going to meet a rather unusual member of his inner circle: His 44-pound kettlebell that he carries around with him EVERYWHERE he goes.

This kettlebell is such an intimate part of his life that it even has a name.


(Bonus points if you can guess what “Leo” is short for. Answer coming soon…)

Heading on a trip around the world? Leo goes for the ride.

Business meeting? Leo gets to hang out on the table.

All day every day. There’s Leo hanging out with Joe.

Which begs the obvious question: Why in the world is Joe De Sena carrying around a 44-pound kettlebell? The long (inspiring) answer is here.

The short answer? Joe’s all about becoming IMMUNE to obstacles.

That’s why he created Spartan Race and why he’s committed to yanking 100 million (!) people off their couch and through his Spartan obstacle courses—to SHOW people they have WAY more strength and untapped potential than they could imagine.

And, what better way to keep that reality front and center than to carry a 44-pound kettlebell with you E V E R Y W H E R E you go? (Hah!)

That’s the definition of relentless.

All day every day.

Joe and Leo.

Today’s +1.

How can YOU embrace some obstacles in your life just a little more?

Remember the Hero’s mantra: #OMMS!!!

P.S. Did you guess what “Leo” is short for? Answer: The great (Spartan) King Leonidas.

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