#551 Maximizing Minutes

Ben Bergeron + Dan Millman on Mastery

A few +1s ago we spent some time with world-champion CrossFit coach Ben Bergeron.

Let’s have another quick wisdom session with this coaching genius.

Me: “Anything else you’d like to share with our Optimizing community?”

Ben: “Yes. Make sure you’re maximizing minutes.”

Me: “Maximizing minutes?”

Ben: “Yes. Make every minute count. Act like a champion in EVERYTHING you do.”

Me: “Got it. Thank you.”

Maximizing minutes. <- That’s a key characteristic of champions.

Reminds me of a story Dan Millman once told. I think it was in The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. The main character in that book is, basically, Dan. He’s a gymnast at UC Berkeley. (I just had a flashback to the law school at Berkeley—which I briefly attended over 20 years ago. Thank you God for blessing me with the courage to drop out and try to find something I loved. lol. Seriously. Thank you. 🤓)

Anyway… In the book, Dan’s a gymnast. He’s REALLY good. He has a mysterious mentor named Socrates. Socrates is there at one of Dan’s workouts. Dan’s dominating it. He crushes his last movement. He nails a landing, woops with joy then rips off his shirt and stuffs it into his backpack while beaming at Socrates who tells him, “You got really sloppy there at the end.”

To which Dan replies: “What’re you talking about? I NAILED that last dismount.”

To which Soc replies: “I’m not talking about the dismount. I’m talking about how you put your sweatshirt in your bag.”

Maximizing minutes.

Or, in Dan Millman’s words, remembering that there are “no ordinary moments.” (Which happens to be the name of another one of his great books.)

All of which leads us to Today’s +1.

Remember: For the master, EVERY moment matters.

How can YOU maximize your moments a little more today?

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