#113 Making Yourself Proud

How Can You Make Yourself Proud Today?

After finishing the last +1, I got up out of my chair and celebrated another little micro-win.

I actually did a little fist pump and said: “Yes!!! I’m proud of myself.”

(I do that sort of thing. Laughing.)

Then I turned around and went right back to the computer to capture this +1.

Eric Maisel is one of the world’s leading experts on creativity. He’s an existential therapist who writes about how to create meaning in our lives.

In one of his books he suggests a really powerful question to ask ourselves in a moment of choice:

“How can I make myself proud?”

Think about that for a moment.

“How can I make myself proud?”

Today. This year. This decade. This lifetime.


+1. +1. +1.

Let’s make ourselves proud today!

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