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Law of Leadership: DWYSYWD

Do *You* Do What You Say You Will Do?


Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner are two of the world’s leading academic researchers on the science of leadership.

They offer us a few Leadership Laws.

Here’s their First Law of Leadership: “If you don’t believe the messenger, you won’t believe the message.”

In short, people follow people they TRUST. Earning the trust and loyalty of those you aspire to lead is the absolute first step in leadership. You do that by building a credible foundation.

Which leads us to their Second Law of Leadership—the way we actually earn that trust.

It’s very simple.

Shockingly simple, in fact.

Here it is: Do What You Say You Will Do.

DWYSYWD for short.

Today’s question: Do YOU do what you say you will do?

Notice how often you say you’ll do things that you don’t actually do (and perhaps never intended to do). Focus on the big things and the little things. When you say you’ll get back to someone in 5 minutes or tomorrow, GET BACK TO THEM in 5 minutes or tomorrow. When you say you’ll take your son to the park, take your son to the park. (← Note to self! 😃) When you say you’ll show up and meditate tomorrow morning, show up and meditate tomorrow morning.

Little things matter if we want the credibility to lead.

Today’s work: DWYSYWD.

Do what you say you will do.

We’re never going to be perfect. But here’s to +1. +1. +1.