#838 I S-E-R-V-E H-E-R-O-S

155 = My Magic # (Yours?)

Not too long ago, we had fun swimming with Mister Rogers.

Remember what we did after hopping out of the pool?

We weighed ourselves.

Remember how much we (that would be Fred and the invisible us!) weighed pretty much every.single.day of his adult life?

143 pounds.

Remember WHY that was significant?

1 = 1 letter = “I.”
4 = 4 letters = “L-O-V-E.”
3 = 3 letters = “Y-O-U.”

I shake my head in awe every time I imagine a man THAT dedicated to his life’s ministry that he kept his weight symbolically stable as a sign of his commitment to his work.

(Remember this as well: He was an ordained minister and his TV show was literally his assigned ministry. That space between him and the child? He called that sacred space.)


All of that leads us into my bathroom to step on the scale that currently sits in the middle of it. 🤓

As we discussed, if I weighed in the 140’s these days, I’d make 149 = “I” + “L-O-V-E” + “E-U-D-A-I-M-O-N-S.”


These days I weigh 155.

What can THAT be a symbol of?



Yep. I like that.

I serve Hērōs.

Just like you.

And, I’m honored to do so.

Let’s do this!!!

P.S. Yes, I know we spell “heroes” with an “e” but the Greeks spelled it “hērōs”!! So… I’ve got 155 and 156 covered! Hah.

P.P.S. Any fun symbolism in YOUR optimal weight?! ⚖️ 🤠

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