#340 How to Win the Cancer War

Cut Off Cancer’s Supply Lines

Continuing our Anticancer theme, let’s chat about another brilliant idea from David Servan-Schreiber’s book, Anticancer.

Imagine this.

It’s 1942. Hitler has amassed an army of one million Nazi soldiers. They’re pushing to take over Russia — which finds itself so undermanned that adolescents and schoolgirls who have never used a firearm are joining the fight.

Miraculously, the Russians are able to resist. But, knowing they can’t sustain the defense, their leader shifts their strategy and decides to attack the German supply lines deep within German-controlled territory.

And, it works. Without the supply lines, the million soldiers are forced to retreat.

That’s the Battle of Stalingrad — one of the most influential battles of the European front in World War II.

And, David tells us, that’s the PERFECT metaphor for how we need to approach cancer. We need to cut off the supply lines. And FORCE cancer’s retreat.


Well, we talked about the four levers a few +1s ago: Environment + Nutrition + Mind + Body.

Now it’s time for the Anticancer Nutrition chat. That’s our next +1.

For today: Whether you’re actively fighting cancer or just committed to preventing it, let’s imagine pulling the levers to cut off cancer’s supply lines.

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