#400 How to DDR Like a Ninja

Here's What 11 Looks Like

Today we hit another fun milestone: +1 #400. (Go us!!)

To celebrate, we’re going to do something a little different.

First, context: Not too long ago, we chatted about the fact that you might think you’re at a “8” but you might actually be at a “2.”

Now, with that context, check out this video.

You’ve heard me mention my “genius right-hand Ninja” Evan.

Well, that’s him.

And that’s what crushing it at a solid “11” looks like. (Hah.)

And, that’s pretty much how Evan crushes it all day every day—with equally intense oscillating rest periods, of course! 😜

All of which is why we have an internal meme: #DDR. That’s when you’re crushing it like a Ninja.

Today’s +1.

Rewatch that video if you feel so inspired.


And go get your version of DDR on.


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