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How Are You Intelligent?

The 2 Steps to Getting in Your Element


In our last +1, we had fun hanging out with your Genius.

Recall: EVERYONE in ancient Roman times was said to have their own guiding spirit, or “genius” that helped them rock it.

That reminds me of Sir Ken Robinson. In The Element, he tells us that our whole concept of “intelligence” is backward.

Rather than ask, “How intelligent are you?” we SHOULD be asking “HOW are you intelligent?”

We all have our own Geniuses. And… We all have our own different kinds of Intelligence.


How are you intelligent?

As we get clarity on that, Sir Ken tells us that we all have the potential to connect to what he calls “the Element.” It’s that force within us that allows us to live with deeper meaning and mojo and joy.

The Element has two parts: Passion + Aptitude.

Two questions will help us +1 our clarity:

1. What do you LOVE to do? As in, you’d do this in your free time or even pay to do it? This is your passion.

2. What are you naturally good at? What can you do relatively easily that most people can’t do at all? This is your aptitude.

Passion + Aptitude = The Element.

Sir Ken tells us the world NEEDS us to discover our Element. I agree. Now more than ever.

Let’s do the work to discover our Element and then, of course, have the courage to live it!