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Hero Bars

Your Fuel for Fear Doors


Not too long ago, we talked about David Goggins and his Cookie Jars.

Facing a tough challenge? He tells us to reach into the Cookie Jar of past success and take a big bite out of the fact that you KNOW you can crush it. Use that memory of a past success as fuel to power you through your current challenge.

(And, for the record, as you may recall from our +1 on the Science of Self-Confidence, recalling past success is a SCIENTIFICALLY robust way to build your “self-efficacy”—right there along with seeing someone else do it, getting supportive encouragement from someone else and acting like someone who can do it.)

Now, I love all that.

And, I’ve been making this whole process an active part of my morning #carpediem journaling as I work on a template for our Coaches to use during their 300-day training.


The whole idea of a “cookie” doesn’t quite resonate for me. (Hah.)

So, I hereby introduce you to the newest Optimize product: Hero Bars.

100% healthy—made with whatever ingredients you decide are most nutritious.

The central ingredient?

You at your absolute best.

That’s Today’s +1.

Give me three instances of you at your best. Three accomplishments in your life you’re really proud of.

1. ______________________________________
2. ______________________________________
3. ______________________________________

Feast on those Hero Bars.

Use them as fuel as you step through your fear doors.


Remember: Fueling up isn’t a once a year or even a once in a while thing.

Grab a bar whenever you need it.