#841 Growing Teeth

“It’s Not Growing!” “Oh… There It Is!”

Not too long ago, Emerson lost his first tooth.

As any parent of a missing-tooth child knows, it’s pretty epically cute and awesome.

The tooth fairy might have visited and we celebrated the wonderful gap in his mouth. 😁

Fast forward a week or two.

Emerson wonders why his new tooth doesn’t seem to be growing. Just a hole.

Why isn’t it growing?!



There it is.

An awesome, big ol’ tooth making its way through the gum.

Of course, we had a nice little chat about the plateau of latent potential and how things often need to do their work behind the scenes (or under the gums!) before you start to see what you’re hoping to see.

Remember that chat about James Clear and his Atomic ice cube?

You’re hanging out with an ice cube in a room that’s 25 degrees. You want it to melt.

So… You turn up the heat from 25 to 26 to 27 to 28 to 29 to 30 to 31 degrees.

Nothing happens.

Then, boom!!!

At 32 degrees, our ice cube starts to melt.

Same basic idea here at the Johnson house.

And, that’s Today’s +1.

Hoping to grow anything in your life?

Remember the tooth fairy sitting on the ice cube.

Give it time.

And get back to work play.

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