#904 Got Immunity?

Hide and Seek Part Deux

In our last +1, we went on a little hide-and-seek adventure in search of our serotonin.

Where’d we find it?

Well, we discovered that 90% of it is produced and stored in our GUTS. Only 10% is hanging out in our brains. (Crazy, eh?)

Today we’re going to go on another little hide-and-seek adventure.

This time we’re in search of your immune system.

Where do you think you’ll find it?

Obviously it’s spread throughout the body but… If you had to guess where you’d find MOST of it, where would you guess?

*insert jeopardy music here*





You guessed it.

You’ll find MOST of your immune system in your gut.

Let’s go back to Perlmutter and his Brain Maker for more on this. He tells us: “Your gut has its own immune system, the ‘gut-associated lymphatic tissue’ (GALT). It represents 70 to 80 percent of your body’s total immune system. This speaks volumes about the importance—and vulnerability—of your gut. If the events that take place in the gut weren’t so critical to life, then the majority of your immune systems wouldn’t have to be there to guard and protect it.

The reason most of your immune system is deployed in your gut is simple: the intestinal wall is the border with the outside world. Aside from skin, it’s where your body has the most chances of encountering foreign material and organisms. And it is in constant communication with every other immune system cell in the body. If it meets a problematic substance in the gut, it alerts the rest of the immune system to be on guard.

70 to 80% (!!!) of our IMMUNE SYSTEM is in our GUTS?!

(Am I yelling?)

That’s crazy.

And, that’s Today’s +1.

Who would’ve guessed our GUT would be such a central figure in our overall well-being, eh? 🤔

Want immunity?

Optimize your gut.

One bite at a time.

(How will YOU +1 Today?)

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