#639 Goeswith

Our New Wisdom Word (Thanks, Alan Watts!)

In our last +1, we talked about the fact that YES lives in the land of NO. We drew two circles. A big one (for the Land of No) and then a small one within that big one (for the Land of Yes).

Moral of the story: Yes lives in the Land of No.

Want a YES from life?! Be willing to get a lot of No’s.

Be willing to get rejected. Be willing to experience a lot of failures. Be willing to make a lot of mistakes.

I repeat: Yes lives in the Land of No.

Another way Steve Chandler captured this wisdom for me back in the day (when we were working one-on-one together) was by citing Alan Watts.

Apparently Alan Watts liked to say that some things so consistently “go with” other things that we should have a word he called “goeswith.”

For example, night goeswith day.

Light goeswith dark.

Success goeswith failure.

And… Yes goeswith no.

That’s just how it is.

Here’s to embracing reality and remembering that it all goeswith everything else.

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