#139 Feelings Fade

But Only If You Let Them

David Reynolds tells us that feelings follow behavior. You do something and then you feel great—not the other way around.

He also tells us that negative feelings will fade if we simply quit thinking about them. Ruminating about what’s wrong and keeping that negative emotion alive is kinda like a scab you keep picking. Just give it some time. Leave it alone. Let it heal itself.

Another metaphor we come back to often: Quit chewing on your cud. Spit it out. Stop the ruminating. Move on. Let the feeling dissipate.

And, when you find yourself in that negative emotional state driven by looping thoughts, throw every other tool you can/need to at it. Mindful labeling. Active Love. Dust. Whatever it takes to STOP repeating the thought that’s keeping that negative feeling fresh.


Today’s +1: Do you have any negative feelings that you’d like to usher out the door?

Which one would you most like to let go of?

+1 it.

Btw: The same rule applies to POSITIVE feelings as well. If we don’t want those to fade, then we need to remind ourselves of why we’re fired up. That’s one of the reasons journaling every day is so powerful and why constantly focusing on all the good things we want to create in our lives—without ignoring the challenges of reality, of course—is so powerful.

Let’s +1 that as well.

What good feelings do you want to endure?

What’s one thing you can do to make that happen?

+1. +1. +1.

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