#304 Farts and Facebook Likes

How’s Your Ratio?

Inspired by Cal Newport, I don’t read the news online. In fact, my only source of news these days is The Economist. Intelligent. Spacious. International perspective. In print. Weekly. Perfect.

So, I’m reading a recent cover story about “Social media’s threat to democracy” when I literally laughed out loud at a stat.

First, the prelude…

I quote: “Adult Americans who use Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp spend around 20 hours a month on the three services. Overall, Americans touch their smartphones on average more than 2,600 times a day (the heaviest users easily double that).”

And then for the kicker…

“The population of America farts about 3m times a minute. It likes things on Facebook about 4m times a minute.”

First, I don’t know if that’s a legit stat, but if so it makes you wonder: Who’s tracking the farting patterns of Americans? God bless you.

Second, wow. That’s a lot of farting. (Hah.)

Third, that’s a crazy amount of liking.

And fourth: Americans touch their phones on average more than 2,600 times a day?! Really? Another head-scratching wow.

Today’s +1: Check out Nutrition 101 for some help on the excess farts. And Productivity 101 for the excess liking and phone touches.

(And, you know one the fastest ways to reduce your smartphone touches? Count them. Or have a max number of touches for the day. That’ll immediately Optimize!)

That, my friend, is all for today.

Make it awesome.

(Still laughing.)

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