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How to Pump Energy to Your Virtues


Did you know that the word courage comes from the Latin word for “heart”?


And, just as your heart pumps blood to your arms and legs and brain, your COURAGE pumps energy to your other virtues.

Fact is, if we don’t have the courage to actually live these ideas when it matters most, we’ll get stuck in Theoryville and never actually do the advanced work of LIVING these ideas and ideals.

As Rollo May puts it in The Courage to Create, without courage our highest ideals “wither away into mere facsimiles of virtue.”


Today’s +1 question: How’s your courage?

At a moment of decision today, remember that your courage is vitalizing all your other virtues. See if you can step forward into growth rather than back into safety.

Feel your inner daimon getting energized.

+1. +1. +1.