#17 Bring Forth

How to Be a Wise Parent (for Yourself + Others)

As you might have noticed, it’s easy to stress ourselves out as we strive to step up to our heroic potential.


We need to make sure we’re approaching this whole thing with the right mindset. We need to simultaneously hold ourselves to heroically high standards AND we need to have a ton of warmth and kindness for ourselves as we inevitably fall short of those ideals.

Parenting experts tell us the same thing. If you want to raise great kids, you need to simultaneously hold high standards and offer tons of warmth and love. That’s called Wise Parenting.

If you just have high standards but no warmth, you’re Authoritarian. If you have low standards and high warmth, you’re Permissive. (And, if you have neither high standards nor warmth, you’re Neglectful.)

We need to parent ourselves. Wisely.

And, here’s another etymological gem: In Latin, the word parent means “bringing forth.”

Here’s to bringing forth your heroic potential.

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