#1186 Astonishing Connection

And How to Create It

In our last +1, we talked about how to tap into our Flow Superpowers.

We referenced Steven Kotler’s gem from The Rise of Superman and then connected that to our (always evolving) Astonishing Productivity equation.

Recall: When we get our Energy x Focus x W.I.N. mojo Optimized, we can crank out a TON of awesomeness.

Note: Of course, this doesn’t just apply to our Work.

The SAME EXACT equation applies to our Love.

If we want to connect at an astonishingly awesome level, what do we need?

We’d want to have our Energy at a 100. We’d want to be Focused at a 100 on What’s 100-level Important Now—which, in the Love scenario, would be, of course, our Loved one—whether that’s a spouse, a kid, a friend, a client, a colleague or even a stranger for that matter!

If you’re burned out and tired, good luck having your highest possible awesome interaction.

Likewise, if you’re distracted by your smartphone (or any other internal or external distraction), good luck having your highest possible awesome interaction.

And, of course, if we haven’t decided that the person with whom we’re interacting is the most important thing at that moment, we won’t get too far.


If we’ve put the Oxygen mask on ourself first and taken care of ourselves so our Energy is at (or approximating) 100, and we’re 100% Focused on the most important person at that moment, we can get our 100 x 100 x 100 = 1 MILLION points of awesome.

And, very important Note: We don’t need to measure that in HOURS. It’s measured in MOMENTS.

You can be 1 Million Points of Awesome fully, truly, powerfully present for someone for a MINUTE (or three) and create an incredible connection.

Let’s do that.


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