#94 Adaptability + Homeostasis

Why Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone Is So Important

We’ve talked a lot about how important it is to get out of our comfort zones.

But why is it so important?

Two words: Adaptability + Homeostasis.

First: Homeostasis. Every cell in our body and brain is constantly working to maintain a sense of stability—adjusting everything from our blood pressure and heart rate to our pH balance and blood sugar levels.

What’s exciting is that, when we consistently push ourselves out of our homeostatic-comfort zones, our bodies respond by overcompensating in pursuit of creating a new, higher level of homeostasis.

For example, if you go from being sedentary to running a few miles a few times a week, your body is going to say (roughly), “Hey now! What’s this? You’re pushing me out of homeostasis. Let me see what I can do to handle this new load and reestablish a new baseline of homeostasis!”

The same rules apply for EVERYTHING we do.

Lifting weights. Cultivating our courage. Meditating. Etc. (When we’re forcing our BRAINS to adapt, it’s usually called “neuroplasticity” but it’s the same idea.)

This is a REALLY exciting feature of the human body and brain.

In fact, our ADAPTABILITY is our greatest gift. We need to use it wisely.

Remember: Get out of your comfort zone. It’s the only way to grow.

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