#302 A Drop of WD-40 for Your Mind

Sanskrit Says: Dukkha vs. Sukha

In our last +1, we talked about adding “Just a drop” more energy to a part of our lives that could use some attention.

Again, we don’t need to go manic nuts on it here. Just a drop.

And, as we discussed, the Buddha said the same thing — reminding us that Optimizing our lives is like filling up a water pot: drop by drop by drop.

Which makes me think of another Buddhist concept.

The word for suffering in Sanskrit is dukkha. The word dukkha literally means “to be stuck.” Kinda like a wheel with a hub that isn’t spinning quite right. It’s stuck. It barely moves and it squeaks when it does.

The word for happiness in Sanskrit is sukha. The word sukha basically means NOT being stuck. To be moving freely through life. Without the “stuckness” or attachment to the little things that can often lead to squeaks.


Today’s +1. Do you have any squeaks in your mind right now? Are you stuck on anything that you know you should just let go of?

How about we give your mind a little drop of WD-Attention-40?

We’ll do it in the form of a deep breath with a smile as we bring to mind whatever thing or person might be creating a little squeaky stuckness … then breathing it out and letting it go.

Add another drop if necessary. Repeat until squeak free.

Let’s flow smoothly through life today.

Drop by drop by drop.

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