#67 110-Year-Old You

Ready for Some Time Travel?

In his great book Happier, Tal Ben-Shahar tells us that we have all the wisdom we will ever need—as evidenced by individuals who undergo a traumatic life experience and then radically transform their lives.

He gives us a fun, powerful way to access our innate wisdom. Here’s my take on it.

Let’s imagine that NASA (or, more likely Elon Musk and his team), has invented a time traveling machine. (YES!!)

This machine can magically take you into the future where you can meet the 110-year-old version of you.

Let’s hop in. Close the door. Get comfortable. (Please keep your hands and body parts inside the time traveling vehicle at all times.)



We’re there.

Imagine the 110-year-old version of you standing in front of you. Radiating a grace and beauty and love and wisdom and presence that makes your heart open.

Ask them to share the most important lesson they’ve learned and give you a little perspective on your current life and its challenges and opportunities.

What do they say?

Take notes.

That’s Today’s +1.

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