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What people are saying about

Pilar Gerasimo Editor in Chief, Experience Life Magazine

PhilosophersNotes are like healthy, energizing snacks for the mind, heart and soul! This is such a superb idea, and Brian has such a natural, infectiously appealing way of making it relevant to just about everybody. For avid personal-development aficionados, PhilosophersNotes serve as a sampler plate of the very best reads out there, making it easier to decide which new books to crack open next, and which classics deserve a fresh look.

For rush-rush types who want to be clued in about the latest and best books on personal and professional wisdom (but who don’t have time to read much) PhilosophersNotes perform an invaluable service, distilling and concentrating a whole lot of huge ideas into bite size, eminently digestible morsels.

For readers like ours — motivated men and women who rank achieving their personal potential as a top priority — PhilosophersNotes point a delightful, synchronicity-inspired way forward.

Because somehow (and I wish I knew how Brian does this), every Note you read on a given day feels like precisely the Note you needed to read that day. Keep ‘em coming, Brian!

Shawn Phillips Best-selling Author of Strength for Life ; Creator of Full Strength

In this information age, knowledge is as plentiful as fast food, wisdom as precious as a home cooked meal. Knowledge is mindlessly poured into troughs; wisdom preciously served one ladle at a time with delight. It’s knowledge we have, but wisdom we seek. Knowledge informs,wisdom transforms.

As for PhilosophersNotes, it’s Wisdom that Master Brian Johnson so generously serves here. The sort of wisdom that can only be revealed by a true modern day Philosopher gloriously in the throws of discovery, in service to the world.

My advice to you: step on! Take this ride of a lifetime with Brian and benefit from this master’s passionate search for truth and wisdom.

Dan Millman Author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Brian, your PhilosophersNotes are an idea whose time has come — primarily because you’re the one who is writing them. Your life to this point has prepared you for this creative contribution.

Marci Shimoff #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Soul, and featured teacher in The Secret

Brian Johnson’s PhilosophersNotes is one of the most innovative and useful tools I have come across in the transformational industry in ages. The powerful information Brian packs into each “note” is amazing. He distills the best of the best.

I love receiving my PhilosophersNotes! These essential nuggets carry the juice, light, and knowledge to help raise the consciousness of people around the world.

Angela Stokes http://RawReform.com

PhilosophersNotes.com is pure genius and one of my all-time FAVORITE resources for inspiration. I LOVE listening to PhilosophersNotes when I’m doing something like juicing, traveling or exercising. It’s such a quick way for me to access MASSES of inspiring Big Ideas that I otherwise would unlikely get around to reading about. I sincerely appreciate this service that Brian is bringing to the world and especially his generosity in wanting to share this information as widely as possible… Love it.

Thanks, Brian for following your bliss and sharing the wonderful results :).

Brent Kessel Author, It’s Not About the Money; President, Abacus Wealth Partners

Brian Johnson’s PhilosophersNotes are one of the most incredible tools available to the busy professional with a fundamental interest in self-improvement.

Brian’s depth of personal growth experience shines through in his accurate, concise and self-revealing synopses of many of the greatest self-help books of our time.

You feel like you’re sitting in the living room of a great mind as he shares the ten biggest ideas from each book, highlighted quotes, and his own astute commentary. It takes me about 5 minutes to go through a Note, after which I always have 2-3 insightful gems which I can apply to my own life, and often the heartfelt yearning to read the entire book myself.

Now that they’re here, I can’t imagine keeping up on the world of self-help literature without PhilosophersNotes.

Beth Scheel Mother & Attorney

I appreciate receiving these PhilosophersNotes filled with deep and powerful wisdom so very much. As a busy mother and lawyer, I never seem to have enough time in the day to satisfy my thirst for new wisdom and growth. So I particularly love giving your Note a quick read as part of my morning routine, and then contemplating the “Big Ideas” of the day (and how I can more deeply incorporate them into my own life) while making breakfast for my son, driving to the office, riding in the elevator, etc. – whenever I have a quiet moment.

You’ve made it so easy to do, and I can honestly say that this practice helps me stay centered and intentional throughout my day. Thank you so much for this precious gift!

Michael Strong Co-Founder & CEO/Chief Visionary Officer, FLOW

Brian has a gift for communicating the gist of serious books in a fun, inspiring way. He is so consistently and authentically upbeat that one learns to see value in everything he points to. For those who want a focus on the useful, compelling parts of books in a pithy, engaging style, you can do no better than to read Brian Johnson’s PhilosophersNotes.

Joelle Prochera Professional Life Coach

I think the “PhilosophersNotes” are a great idea and a valuable service. I like your lightness, your humor and your you.
As I read along I can hear the messages that the authors intended are being hit dead on and I appreciate the way you share yourself.

Great idea – great delivery – they are beautiful – kudos!

David Pearson Zaadz Co-Founder, Consciousness Explorer

PhilosophersNotes are the answer to a question that I’ve been asking myself a lot lately: How do I find the time to read all of the books that I want to read and still live a productive life? Think of these six page gems as movie trailers in the world of inspiring books, except that all of them are going to grab you. Not only because the books that Brian picks are the best of the best, but because of his amazing ability to extract the big ideas of each book and break them down into powerful, efficient, fun to read summaries. The ability to instantly apply this wisdom to my life coupled with the knowledge that makes it easy for me to decide what book I want to dive deeper into next makes PhilosophersNotes a priceless resource in my life.

Siona Van Dijk Director, Gaia Community

I love the PhilosophersNotes, but it’s not because I don’t have time to read. I subscribed to them because they’re fantastic reminders of books that have had a profound impact on my life. Instead of having to reread them in their entirely, though, I can skim one of these inimitable reviews and get not just the heart of its message, but a boost of inspiration and the feeling that I’m not the only one who sees the critical importance of this sort of wisdom in the world.

Devlyn Steele Devlyn Steele, Life Coach & Student; Founder, ToolsToLife

As a teacher of the arts and sciences of life improvement I consider it a professional obligation to remain a student; always growing and learning. Only then can I deliver to my clients the best of me. The amazing wealth of information out there coupled with a busy life makes this at times a daunting task.

When Brian first shared his PhilosophersNotes with me I got chills. Wow, finally a way for me to keep up with a tremendous treasure of knowledge, and from a trusted source. Brian has, in his skillful manner, delivered the knowledge I want in the perfect synthesized format I need to improve both my life and my career.

Although I still want to read the books, the PhilosophersNotes are the next best thing. Thank you! Please keep up the great work. I am hooked!

Robin Race Author & Mentor

PhilosophersNotes combine the distilled thoughts of our greatest thinkers with the enthusiasm needed to actually put them into play in our own lives. Brian Johnson, Chief Philosopher, is one part laser beam to wisdom, one part companion for the inner journey, and one part Captain Jack Sparrow (in the first Pirate’s movie)— mixed well. It is a great service to have Brian’s personal introduction to brilliant thinkers I have not met, as well as a vivid reminder of what inspired me in the works of authors I already know.

Traci Fenton Founder & CEO, WorldBlu

Who has time to “get enlightened” these days? And yet who doesn’t?! PhilosophersNotes is the perfect solution to my never-ending quest for spiritual growth and personal development within the time frame of a busy life.

Now there are no more excuses to keep from growing on the inside while trying to help change the world on the outside. Thank you Brian for this timely and highly relevant gift that is blessing so many – including me!

Jon Bischke CEO/Founder, eduFire & LearnOutLoud

I’ll keep this short because I’m pressed for time. You’re pressed for time too. That’s why I’m sold on the PhilosophersNotes. I have hundreds of books sitting of my shelf waiting to be read. And, while I’m looking forward to diving into them, the Notes give me the perfect introduction to a title’s big ideas and help me pick which book I want to focus on next.

Dr. Jeremy Brook The Life Center Chiropractic

Brian has done it again! PhilosophersNotes are like a portal…. a stargate… into the minds of mankind’s greatest teachers. PhilosophersNotes have the amazing ability to capture the kernel and core elements of what men and women wrote about on thousands of pages, and transform it into a digestible and modern lesson… instantly! A must read for anyone looking to enhance their life on a mind body level!

Peter Crone petercrone.com

PhilosophersNotes is honestly one of those ideas you say, “I wish I’d thought of that!” Well, although you didn’t, you thankfully get to be the fortunate beneficiary of Brian’s amazing contribution. In a world that is so trapped within the illusion of time what greater gift than to have some of the world’s most powerful minds be so beautifully distilled into manageable and inspiring summaries!

Brendan Brazier Author, The Thrive Diet; Founder, Vega

Brian’s ability to filter through information, highlight the big idea, drawing together key points and posing them in an understandable fashion for practical use is a gift. Time constraints being the number-one reason given for not regularly reading self development books, PhilosophersNotes are the obvious answer. By allowing me to consume more conscious media than I had previously been able to, PhilosophersNotes have become what may well prove to be a life-improving investment.

Randy Eisenman Founder of Handango & Private Equity Investor

PhilosophersNotes is an idea whose time has come. Starting from some of the world’s most important books, Brian’s masterful syntheses combine deep insights, humor, and practical applications in a manner ideally suited for our busy lives. I’m hooked!

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