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Tripping over the Truth Book Cover

Tripping over the Truth How the Metabolic Theory of Cancer Is Overturning One of Medicine's Most Entrenched Paradigms

Tripping over the Truth

How the Metabolic Theory of Cancer Is Overturning One of Medicine's Most Entrenched Paradigms

This is the second book specifically on cancer I’ve read after my brother Rick was diagnosed with cancer. (The first book was Anticancer.) Travis Christofferson is a science writer. In this great book, he provides a compelling look at the history of scientific research on cancer and the traditional therapeutic models offered—juxtaposing the (traditionally accepted) Somatic Mutation Theory (or SMT) with the (much more compelling) Metabolic Theory of Cancer. Big Ideas we explore include the fact that we’ve spent $100 billion researching cancer and spend $100 billion annually on cancer medications and we’ve seen ZERO improvements in the real death rates from cancer since the 1950s. We look at the one prime cause of cancer (via the Warburg Effect), a fascinating experiment with “recon” cells demonstrating that it's the cytoplasm (not the nucleus) that drives cancer, how to starve cancer and a vision of cancer clinics in the future.

Get the Notes!

Get the Notes!

“It was a scientific detective story that had to be told, and it became the focus of my life for the next two years. Soon it was apparent, in interview after interview, that the story went far beyond the cold, empirical data--it tapped into base psychology, human limitations, economic incentives, and the deep-rooted, powerful force of groupthink, forces that carry the inertia of the Titanic. Scientific progress doesn’t glide from one exalted epiphany--like the story of Isaac Newton getting hit on his head by an apple--to the next. It is a torch carried by human beings. It lurches, stumbles, wanders into dead ends, and then finds its way back out. It doesn’t march in a straight line--it trips its way toward the truth. But the beautiful thing about science is that no matter how bumpy the ride, eventually, because of the process itself, the truth is slowly, inevitably mapped out.

This book is a culmination of that scientific pilgramage. It is both the scientific and the human story o the revival of Warburg’s old theory and the prfound therapeutic consequences that travel with it. It is a look into the continuing quest to discover the nature of cancer from a different angle, taking all the puzzle pieces and assembling them in a new way.

This book is about the continuing quest to discover the true origin of cancer, reduce the problem to its core elements, define it in its simlest terms, and find the critical molecular events that manifest in uncontrolled cellular proliferation.”

- Travis Christofferson from Tripping over the Truth
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