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Coming Soon!

Messages are on their way! Stay tuned for tons of Optimizations in the days + weeks + months (+ years + decades) ahead!

Optimize 2018

Join us for what will be an epically awesome weekend of Optimizing with other inspired humans from around the world. We’re still figuring out content, precise location, etc. but everyone from Hero was so excited about the next event that we wanted to make it easy to sign up and reserve your spot so if you’re feeling it, join us!

Here’s what we know:

  • The event will take place on April 20th – 22nd, 2018. (Alexandra and I decided that we want to celebrate every anniversary with YOU and our big ol’ Optimizing family. Bonus points for those at our 10th year celebration AND our 50th in 2057. 😃)
  • We’ll find a great venue driving distance from LAX.
  • It will be awesome.
  • You will love it.

We are pricing this event (at least this phase of the jumbo-early-bird registration) at the same super ridiculous low price of $250. We like to astonish. And, we are committed to making you feel THIS at the end of the weekend.

Let’s do this! Hope to see you at Optimize 2018!

My daughter Michele and I were both at the O – 2017 event. We were both just reflecting on how the weekend has literally changed our lives. Each day we boost each other with what +1’s we are doing and encouraging each other to have masterpiece days. It has tranformed our lives, our relationships, our love, and so much more. I had been a long time listener, but the live event just brought it alive and at a time when my daughter Michele needed it more than ever. I just want to say thanks again @brian for your work. We have already purchased two tickets for next year and hope to be in that front row again refueling and replenishing our spirit. It has now become our official daddy daughter weekend and will be as long as there is an event to go to.

Quote from Michele, “I think it’s really changed my life!”

Derek Newman

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