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Messages are on their way! Stay tuned for tons of Optimizations in the days + weeks + months (+ years + decades) ahead!

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The ultimate personal growth tool. (Think: mini-CliffsNotes™ for optimal living books.) More wisdom in less time.

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3 Free PhilosophersNotes
Send Me The Free Notes!
  • PhilosophersNote PDFs Featuring the Top Big Ideas

    We've distilled the best Big Ideas from hundreds of books into 6-page PDFs for more wisdom in less time.

  • 20-minute MP3s for On-The-Go Learning

    Every PDF is recorded as a 20-minute MP3 covering all the key points you’ll need to rock your greatest life.

  • More Wisdom in Less Time

    PhilosophersNotes were designed for you to easily soak up the powerful wisdom and are presented in a fun, quick-reading style that makes absorbing the wisdom from each summary a breeze.

  • The Optimizer Newsletter

    Featuring more wisdom in less time to keep you inspired every morning. (Join 50,000+ other inspired humans.)

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PhilosophersNotes is an idea whose time has come. Starting from some of the world’s most important books, Brian’s masterful syntheses combine deep insights, humor, and practical applications in a manner ideally suited for our busy lives. I’m hooked!

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Author Photo: Randy Eisenman

Randy Eisenman

Managing Partner, Satori Capital