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Note from Brendan

When I was just 8 years old my Dad took me to a personal development seminar.

I got to shake hands with Jim Rohn whose charismatic smile and kind words have impressed me to this day.

Somewhere in my basement are the workbooks from that seminar with my 8 year old barely coordinated printing capturing the “big ideas” of the seminar.

Since then, I have had a propensity for pursuing personal development. Through religion, bookstores, seminars and webinars. I’ve travelled all over the continent in pursuit of wisdom. I’ve journaled, prayed, meditated, read thousands of books, and put 10s of thousands of hours into figuring out this mystery called life.

But for some reason I kept coming up against barriers beyond which I could not progress.

This all changed for me when, 18 months ago, I signed up for Optimize Coach Class I. Since sometime around five to six months into the course long-standing barriers to my personal development started to topple.

My marriage healed.

My body healed.

I became optimistic.

My eleven year old son told me, “You’re being a good dad now.”

These are just a couple highlights of the good things that have come my way.

In addition to this I’ve had the opportunity to ask questions of authors whose books I’ve studied (Mark Divine and William Irvine), and have a life-time optimizing accountability partner in my brother, who took the course with me.

Thanks to the course, 2019 was hands-down the best year of my life.

Now, we are in a shit year, collectively.

But despite all of the incredibly challenging things 2020 has thrown my way, I’m telling you that the day-to-day work I’m putting into year 2 of the course is dwarfing 2019 in personal change.

I’m telling you all this because, regardless of whether or not you would ever want to be a “coach,” I think the Optimize course could be a game-changer for some of you, too.

It takes some work. Day-after-day. 300 days of work.

But if, like me, nothing else has worked for you, then maybe this will be the ticket.

Class III of Optimize has opened for registration, and if you’re at all interested, I’d encourage you to check out the registration page below.

If you have any questions about the course, feel free to email me back.

Yours in pursuit of Medic Mastery,
Brendan Sonnichsen
Optimize Coach

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