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Optimal Business 101

How to Create a Great Business and Get Paid to Change the World

Over the last 20 years, I’ve spent half my time in Founder/CEO-mode and the other half in Philosopher-mode. Before going all in as a Philosopher, I built and sold two market-leading social platforms (raising $10m in the process). In this class, I share my Top 10 Ideas on how to create a great business and get paid to change the world. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, solopreneur, small business owner or leader in any organization, we hope you love it.


Principles: Life

Ray Dalio is one of the most successful people alive. In fact, Time magazine says that he’s one of the 100 most influential people on the planet while Fortune magazine tells us his company (Bridgewater Associates) is the 5th most impactful private company in the U.S. and Forbes tells us that he’s one of the 100 wealthiest people on the planet. All of which makes Dalio, to use his words, “believable” when it comes to discussing how to get what we want in life and work. Enter: Principles. Big Ideas we explore: how to evolve, what’s most important, meet the shapers, Principles #1 (Embrace reality and deal with it) + #2 (5-Step process to getting what you want in life), and the two AI’s: Artificial Intelligence + Ancient Intelligence.

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The 4 Disciplines of Execution

Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals

I planned to read this book since Cal Newport referenced it in Deep Work. I finally did so in preparation to teach Productivity 101. It’s fantastic. If you’re a business leader or entrepreneur I think you’ll particularly enjoy it. Big Ideas we cover include the 4DX, the whirlwind, your Wildly Important Goals, Lag vs. Lead measures, the power of keeping score, and avoiding the blackhole of the magnificently trivial.

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The Compound Effect

Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, Your Success

Darren Hardy is the Publisher of SUCCESS magazine and knows a thing or 1,000 about success. It's all boiled down into this little manifesto on The Compound Effect. The equation? Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE. In the Note, we'll check out the power of compounding and how to welcome Mr. Mo to the party and create your greatest life.

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The ONE Thing

The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

The ONE Thing. What's yours? Gary Keller (his Keller-Williams real estate is THE largest real estate company in the world--I bet that was a ONE Thing goal at some point!) shares his wisdom in this BRILLIANT book. We'll have fun exploring a few of my favorite Big Ideas: dominoes + extreme Pareto and other goodness.

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One Entrepreneur's Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness

Gary Vaynerchuk. Better known by those in the know as Gary Vee—the jumbo intense, uber-passionate entrepreneur/social media maven/investor extraordinaire who happens to have a strong opinion on everything! In this book, we get the best Ideas from his ##AskGaryVee show. It’s packed with Gary’s insights on everything from entrepreneurship to social media. Big Ideas we cover include Clouds and Dirt, Oxygen + DNA, Hustle, practicing the religion of adding value and being willing to suck.


Wealth Warrior

The Personal Prosperity Revolution

How'd you like to be a Wealth Warrior? Steve Chandler takes us on the personal prosperity revolution in this great book. In the Note we'll unpack the fact that it's ALL (!) about profound service, turning pro, converting your dreams into projects, making each day a masterpiece, exiting your comfort zone, and other such goodness.

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To Sell Is Human

The Surprising Truth About Moving Others

Dan Pink is a brilliant writer. His books have been translated into over 35 languages and have sold over 1 million copies in the US alone. We featured another one of his New York Times bestsellers called Drive. That one is all about “The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.” This one, as per the sub-title, is all about “The Surprising Truth About Moving Others.” The super-short story? Although only 1 in 9 of us technically earn our living as “salespeople,” we’re ALL in sales. In other words: To sell is human. Big Ideas explored include the new ABCs of sales: A is for Attunement, B is for Buoyancy, C is for Clarity) and how to master a servant-selling.

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Little Bets

How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries

Little bets. Peter Sims tells us they’re a LOT wiser than bet-it-all-and-pray big bets. He shows us the wisdom of the little bets approach via fascinating stories highlighting the extraordinary success of everyone from Chris Rock mastering a performance to Pixar creating their ingenious films. Big Ideas we explore include how to build our growth mindset muscles, going from suck to unsuck, smallifying, creating small wins and doing things to discover things.

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The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

Why Now Is the Time to #JoinTheRide

Darren Hardy is the publisher of SUCCESS magazine. His message is clear: We are living in the era of greatest opportunity in human history. There’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. NOW IS THE TIME to hop on the entrepreneur roller coaster. Big Ideas we explore include the importance of getting super freaky, practicing getting up after getting knocked down, setting the pace as an effective leader and remember it’s the fear of fear we fear.

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Spirit Means Business

The Way to Prosper Wildly without Selling Your Soul

Alan Cohen is one of my favorite teachers and humans. We met after we both appeared in Finding Joe. I loved Alan’s laid-back intensity, wise energy and brilliant story telling. The sub-title captures the essence of this book perfectly: We all want to “prosper wildly” (in every sense of the word) and, obviously, none of us wants to “sell our soul” in the process. Big Ideas we explore include how to be a good spiritual sponge, letting the (spiritual) washing machine do its job, embrace your inner weirdo, the two paths of business, your soul's fire and dissolving the (apparent) work/life dichotomy.

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Unstoppable Teams

The Four Essential Actions of High-Performance Leadership

Alden Mills is a three-time Navy SEAL platoon commander and the Founder/CEO of Perfect Fitness (which was one of Inc.’s fastest-growing companies in the country). He’s also the father of four boys, a great writer/storyteller and, most importantly, an inspiring human being. I loved Alden’s first book Be Unstoppable. This book (and the AMAZING Unstoppable Teams 101 class Alden created with us for our Optimizers!!) is packed with wisdom gleaned from Alden’s 25+ years of experience working with high-performing teams. It’s fantastic. Big Ideas we explore include a quick look at the CARE loop, the Whiner vs. the Whisperer (+ Samurai swords), The A in CARE, achieving over-the-horizon goals, and jumping headfirst into leading your unstoppable teams!


#131 How's Your Hedgehog?

3 Circles on What You’re Here to Do
Jim Collins is arguably the greatest business thinker alive. He’s written classics like Good to Great, Built to Last and Great by Choice
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#153 Now, What Doesn’t Need to Get Done?

Tip: Don’t Do Useless Stuff
Peter Drucker is known as the “Father of Modern Management.” Basically, he was the greatest business thinker of the 20th century. He

#267 Ready Fire Aim

How to Start a Donut Shop
John Mackey created Whole Foods Market and captured the principles of how he deliberately created a purpose-driven business at scale in his
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#350 Wealth thru Profound Service

Three Mindsets: Passion + Craftsman + Servant
When I worked with Steve Chandler, one of the themes of our work together was “creating wealth through profound service.” I just love
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#638 Yes Lives in the Land of No

Want a Big YES from Life?! Embrace the No's.
In our last +1, we talked about mastering Ownish and noticing when we slip into Victimese. (We also talked about going all in and mastering
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#734 Severe Pruning

Need To Do Any?
Steve Chandler has a new book called CREATOR. It’s awesome. I particularly loved one of the passages in which he shared some Ralph Waldo
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#735 Grow Lights

On What Will You Shine Yours?
In our last +1, we did some severe pruning with Steve Chandler and Ralph Waldo Emerson. (How’d that go for you? More specifically: What
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#969 Optimal Capitalism

The Economist on: What Are Businesses For?
Continuing our chat about How to Prosper, let’s talk about another facet of our session on the subject with our Mastery-Coaches. We’re
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#970 Business as a Force for Good

A Quick Look at Public Benefit Corporations
In our last +1, we took a very quick, high-level look at the growing recognition of the fact that businesses can (and I’d say must!) be
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#648 Making Money BECAUSE You Sleep

Sleeping with Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett
In our last +1, we talked about setting your “work-down” alarm so you don’t need to set a “wake-up” alarm. (For what time did you
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#843 Power x3

Wantpower + Willpower + Waypower
Way back in the day, we talked about Rick Snyder’s wisdom on The Science of Hope. As you may recall, he tells us that Hope consists of,

#923 Prosper = “to Go Forward Hopefully”

Not so Much a CONDITION OF Life as It Is an ATTITUDE TOWARD Life
In our last couple +1s, we took a quick look at some of my recent attempts to cool-ify and kid-ify the idea that delaying gratification via
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#924 Prosper + Prospectus

The Two Go (Forward Hopefully!) Together
In our last +1, we revisited our Spiritual Economics dictionary to redefine some key terms. Specifically: Affluence + Security + Prosperity.
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#930 Micro Prospectus

Moving Forward with Hope Carpe Diem Style
Not too long ago we talked about the fact that the word prosperity literally means “to go forward with hope.” Then, as you may recall, I
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#1127 How to Get Perspective

And Meet Life’s Biggest Challenges
Not too long ago, we hung out with my friend Tripp Lanier who helped us gain perspective via a little thought exercise that included us

#61 The Obstacle Is the Way

Plus: The Paradox of Fire
Marcus Aurelius once wrote to himself in the journal he never intended to publish that we now know as Meditations that “The impediment to
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#29 The Stockdale Paradox

I’m Confident It’ll Happen AND… I Know It Will be Challenging
Vice Admiral James Stockdale was shot down during the Vietnam War. He spent seven and a half years in a brutal prison camp. He spent four of
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#106 Reverse Indicators

How to Interpret Your Encounters with Dragons
So, let’s say you’ve decided to embark on a heroic quest. It’s time for you to leave the normal, routine life and really go for
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#191 Infinite Optionality

The Ticket to Antifragility
Let’s talk some more about how to become Antifragile. We’ve already talked about it on a high level. Super quick recap: If you’re
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#797 Agency = Doing

Wonder Where Your Power Comes From? ACTION!!
In our last couple +1s, we’ve been talking about Agency. I promised we’d get into how The Power of Agency guys tell us we can build our
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#1267 Targeted Thinking

What Do You Want + Now What Needs to Be Done?
I’ve been thinking a lot about the whole idea of “neutral” thinking since I first read about it in Trevor Moawad’s It Takes What It

#263 World Champion You Training Camp

What Would Your Life Look Like If THAT Was the Standard?
Josh Waitzkin is a fascinating guy. You know that movie Searching for Bobby Fisher featuring a little chess prodigy kid? Well, Josh was that

#264 Prior Best = New Baseline

Your Best Days? That’s Your New Normal
In our last +1, we entered our World Champion You Training Camp. * Cue Rocky theme song * Here’s one way Josh Waitzkin tells us we can go
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#65 Sacrifices vs. Decisions

There’s a Big Difference between the Two
George St-Pierre is one of the greatest mixed martial artists in the world. Ever. Of course, he wasn’t always one of the greatest. At one
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#85 50 Pounds = A

How to Master the Fear of Art
Imagine this: It’s your first day of art class. You signed up for an intro class on pottery. (Nice! Go you!) The teacher does something a
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#312 5 Steps to Success

Ray Dalio’s Model for Supercrushing
Ray Dalio is one of the most successful people alive. Time magazine says he’s one of the 100 most influential people on the planet while
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#362 How to Deal with Either/Or Situations

Step Back. Think. Get As Much of BOTH As Possible
Ray Dalio shares a ton of wisdom in his epic book Principles. Here’s an idea I come back to often in my coaching sessions and in my own
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#368 Zero-Based Thinking

What Goes if You Started at Zero?
Brian Tracy is one of my favorite old-school self-development teachers. I can still remember listening to his CDs back in the day when I was
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#369 Endlessly Evolving Process

The Essence of a Good Life
In our last +1, we talked about zero-based thinking and reflected on the powerful question of asking ourselves whether, knowing what we now
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#370 Mistake-Learner’s High

Enjoy It as You Pursue Audacious Goals and Endlessly Evolve
In our last +1, we talked about Phil Stutz’ great phrase: “Endlessly evolving process.” Phil likes to draw upward spiraling loops to