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#1 +1 or -1 = Destiny Math

What Must YOU be?
Abraham Maslow studied the greatest people of his generation. People like Eleanor Roosevelt and Albert Einstein. He told us about the

#2 The #1 Key to Happiness + Flourishing

Hint: Become BFFs with your Inner Soul
Imagine your ideal self. Smiling and waving at you. See ‘em?! (Seriously. Take a deep breath/10 seconds and bring that epically awesome

#3 How to High Five Your Inner Daimon

My Philosophy in One Word
To the extent that there’s a gap between who you’re capable of being in any given moment and who are actually being in that moment, you

#4 Your Infinite Potential

And Where to Find It
Phil Stutz and Barry Michels wrote a great book called The Tools. There are five Tools in the book and we may chat about others later but I

#5 3:59.4

How to Run a 4-Minute Mile and/or Do Other "Impossible" Stuff
At this point, most of us know that Roger Bannister was the first person to break the 4-minute mile. Very smart people of his era said that

#6 WOOP! There It Is

The Science of Making Your Dreams a Reality
Gabriele Oettingen is a world-class researcher who has spent her career studying the science of making your dreams come to life. In her book

#7 Handy Dandy Motivational Calculator

The Science of Solving the Procrastination Equation
Piers Steele is a leading research scientist. After analyzing hundreds of studies on motivation, he came up with a little equation to
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#8 Motivation = ENERGY x (Value x Expectancy / Impulsivity x Delay)

A Modified Look at the Science of Motivation
Yesterday we talked about our motivation equation. You know: Motivation = Value x Expectancy / Impulsivity x Delay Quick re-cap: Our
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#9 Simmer vs. Boil

Let's Turn Up the Heat
Have you ever heard of “activation energy”? It’s a chemistry thing. The dictionary tells us that it’s “the minimum quantity of
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#10 Antifragile

vs. Resilient vs. Fragile
In his great book Antifragile, Nassim Taleb walks us through the fact that there’s a big difference between being fragile, being
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#11 Psychological Flexibility

A Hallmark of Happy Humans
Dan Siegel is one of the world’s leading mindfulness / neuroscience / interpersonal neurobiology experts. Dan tells us that the healthy

#12 Keep Shooting

A True Story About Moving thru Some Serious Obstacles
Once upon a time (1938 to be precise) there was a pistol shooter. He was incredibly good. Hoped to be the very best, in fact. Unfortunately,
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#13 Good Bad Days

Mastering the Art of Playing Badly Well
Jack Nicklaus once said that the real key to being a great golfer was “playing badly well.” It’s one thing to play well when
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#14 Really Hard vs. Impossible

Want to Go for a Bike Ride to Mt. Everest?
In Spartan Up!, Joe De Sena (founder of Spartan Race) tells the ridiculous story of Göran Kropp. Imagine your friend inviting you on an
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#15 Did I Win?

How to Sink a $1m Putt and Do Other Great Things
Gold-medal-winning mental toughness coach and author Lanny Bassham is all about focusing on the PROCESS of goal achievement. He tells a
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#16 Relentless Solution Focus

60 Seconds of Whining and Then You're On!
Jason Selk is one of the world’s leading mental toughness coaches. He tells us that the best among us have a “relentless solution
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#17 Bring Forth

How to Be a Wise Parent (for Yourself + Others)
As you might have noticed, it’s easy to stress ourselves out as we strive to step up to our heroic potential. So… We need to make sure
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#18 Deo Volente + Thy Will Be Done

Wisdom from Apollo, the Patron God of Philosophy
Deo volente. It’s Latin for “God willing.” The ancient Stoics told us that it’s important to have clear goals but we need to qualify

#19 How to Build Your Grit

The 4 Key Scientific Variables
Angela Duckworth created the science of Grit. It’s fascinating. She defines it as intense passion + intense perseverance. In short,
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#20 How to Stop Thinking

The #1 Tip on How to Master this Important Lost Art
Patrick McKeown is one of the world’s leading experts on optimal breathing. When I interviewed him recently, he made a very interesting
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#21 The Rise of Superyou

Introducing a New Mantra: “No Pressure, No Diamonds.”
Steven Kotler wrote a great book called The Rise of Superman. In it, he challenges some myths of mastery—telling us that it’s not so
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#22 Acres of Diamonds

Got Any Priceless Gems in Your Backyard?
In our last +1 we had fun with our new mantra: “No pressure, no diamonds.” Continuing the diamond theme, let’s talk about Acres of
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#23 Dominoes

Ready to Amplify Your Latent Potential by 2 Billion?
Are you familiar with the physics of dominoes? It’s fascinating. And wonderfully applicable to the power of lining up a series of
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#24 Gratitude

Science Says: It Works!
Gratitude is a very powerful thing. Shockingly so. In fact, research shows that something as simple as writing down 5 things you’re
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#25 Grateful Flow

The Antidote to Ick Sauce
In our last +1, we chatted about the scientifically-proven power of gratitude: Simply writing down 5 things you’re grateful for can boost

#26 Celebratory Love

Gratitude’s Generous Cousin
In the last couple +1s we talked about the power of Gratitude and Grateful Flow. (You try them out yet? 😃) Today, let’s talk about
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#27 "I'm Excited!"

What to Say to Yourself When You’re Feeling Nerves
Alison Wood Brooks is a researcher at Harvard Business School. She studies the most effective strategy for dealing with acute stress. First,

#28 Emotional Stamina

What to Do When You’re Having a Rough Day
What do you do when you’re having a rough day? Maybe it starts the moment you wake up and you just don’t feel like doing your normal
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#29 The Stockdale Paradox

I’m Confident It’ll Happen AND… I Know It Will be Challenging
Vice Admiral James Stockdale was shot down during the Vietnam War. He spent seven and a half years in a brutal prison camp. He spent four of
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#30 Sharpening the Saw

/Building a Chainsaw
Stephen Covey‘s seventh habit of Highly Effective People is “Sharpen the Saw.” He tells us about the importance of renewal if we want