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#1 +1 or -1 = Destiny Math

What Must YOU be?
Abraham Maslow studied the greatest people of his generation. People like Eleanor Roosevelt and Albert Einstein. He told us about the

#2 The #1 Key to Happiness + Flourishing

Hint: Become BFFs with your Inner Soul
Imagine your ideal self. Smiling and waving at you. See ‘em?! (Seriously. Take a deep breath/10 seconds and bring that epically awesome

#3 How to High Five Your Inner Daimon

My Philosophy in One Word
To the extent that there’s a gap between who you’re capable of being in any given moment and who are actually being in that moment, you

#4 Your Infinite Potential

And Where to Find It
Phil Stutz and Barry Michels wrote a great book called The Tools. There are five Tools in the book and we may chat about others later but I

#5 3:59.4

How to Run a 4-Minute Mile and/or Do Other "Impossible" Stuff
At this point, most of us know that Roger Bannister was the first person to break the 4-minute mile. Very smart people of his era said that

#6 WOOP! There It Is

The Science of Making Your Dreams a Reality
Gabriele Oettingen is a world-class researcher who has spent her career studying the science of making your dreams come to life. In her book

#7 Handy Dandy Motivational Calculator

The Science of Solving the Procrastination Equation
Piers Steele is a leading research scientist. After analyzing hundreds of studies on motivation, he came up with a little equation to
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#8 Motivation = ENERGY x (Value x Expectancy / Impulsivity x Delay)

A Modified Look at the Science of Motivation
Yesterday we talked about our motivation equation. You know: Motivation = Value x Expectancy / Impulsivity x Delay Quick re-cap: Our
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#9 Simmer vs. Boil

Let's Turn Up the Heat
Have you ever heard of “activation energy”? It’s a chemistry thing. The dictionary tells us that it’s “the minimum quantity of
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#10 Antifragile

vs. Resilient vs. Fragile
In his great book Antifragile, Nassim Taleb walks us through the fact that there’s a big difference between being fragile, being