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Abundance 101

How to Create True Wealth by Wisely Investing in You, Inc. (+ The Best Way to Become a Billionaire! 🤓)

I created 25 classes before we got to money/wealth/etc. That was deliberate. (Virtue for the win!) And… It was fun to create this class and share my thoughts on how to create true wealth. First idea? We’ve gotta remember that the Ultimate Currency/the reason we do *anything* is to be Happy. Therefore, we want to run our pursuit of material abundance through that lens. Then we talk about how to become psychologically wealthy (billionaires, baby!) (and look at how to Optimize your balance sheet), redefine economics from a spiritual plane and then… We talk about how to make and enjoy some more money. The theme? Wealth thru Profound Service. We talk about investing in the best stock on the market: You, Inc. And, we integrate Cal Newport’s Passion + Craftsman mindsets with what I call a “Servant” mindset for a new hedgehog-like concept plus we look at Ray Dalio’s 5 Steps to Getting What You Want in Life model—which is super powerful, kinda like WOOP by an uber-practical genius. Plus some other goodness I hope you enjoy!


Spiritual Economics

The Principles and Process of True Prosperity

Eric Butterworth is an amazing guy and this book really transformed my relationship to money. In the Note, we'll take a look at the fact that our goal shouldn't be to make money/acquire schtuff but to achieve the level of consciousness through which abundance flows through our lives naturally. We'll look at the roots of the words affluence and security and prosperity along with some Big Ideas on how to merge our spirituality and our economics.

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The Science of Getting Rich

More Wattles mojo here. In this Note, we'll look at the logic behind why Wattles believes we should be rich (quickly: you can render no greater service to God and humanity than to make the most of yourself and you can't do that if you’re poor; see Note for more), and how we need to become creators (and leave the competitive plane), focus on things we're grateful for, get clear on our vision and take action and more action and more action.


Wealth Warrior

The Personal Prosperity Revolution

How'd you like to be a Wealth Warrior? Steve Chandler takes us on the personal prosperity revolution in this great book. In the Note we'll unpack the fact that it's ALL (!) about profound service, turning pro, converting your dreams into projects, making each day a masterpiece, exiting your comfort zone, and other such goodness.

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Think and Grow Rich

This Book Could be Worth a Million Dollars to You

This uber-best-selling classic is basically the granddady of self-help books. It's about a lot more than making money and in this Note, we'll have fun looking at the power of a strong desire (whether you're the Buddha seeking enlightenment or an entrepreneur creating something awesome, you better have a strong desire!), persistence (!), self-confidence, faith, and just doing it.

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Creating Affluence

This is a tiny book. Like super tiny. But, it’s also packed with a bunch of great Big Ideas. We explore the root of the word affluence, the two goddesses of wealth (and which one to chase!), the most important question for affluence, seeing failure as feedback + stepping stones, and creating unbending intent.

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad

What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!

One of the best-selling self-development franchises of all time, this book is packed with Big Ideas. In the Note, we'll quickly look at why you want to invest in assets that produce income and how your house is (gulp) a liability, not an asset then we'll move on to explore the keys to thinking like the Rich Dad—controlling our thoughts, facing our fears, and all that jazz.

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The Total Money Makeover

Dave Ramsey is a seriously funny guy and this book is packed with goodness. If you’re tired of being in debt and looking for a real solution to your challenges, this book is for you. In the Note, we’ll have fun exploring the importance of having what Ramsey calls “Gazelle-like Intensity” as we get out the scissors to perform a “Plastectomy” on your credit cards and start living more like the millionaire next door rather than a wannabe rich goober.

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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

T.Harv Eker is a funny guy and this book is packed with wisdom on how to "master the inner game of wealth." In the Note, we'll explore awesome Big Ideas ranging from the importance of playing to win (vs. playing not to lose) to the fact that there's a big difference between "wanting" wealth and being *committed* to creating it.

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Relax into Wealth

Alan Cohen has quickly become one of my favorite teachers and favorite people. If you’ve been conditioned to believe that creating wealth requires high levels of stress and all that, I think you’ll love it. It’s a great, easy-to-read and practical look at how we can flow with life and welcome more of the good stuff into our lives. In the Note, we’ll have fun learning how to build our wealth consciousness by investing in ourselves, taking small steps, and lightening up!

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Money, and the Law of Attraction

This is one of three titles we cover by Esther and Jerry Hicks. In this Note, we'll look at some Big Ideas on how to rock the Law of Attraction to circulate wealth. We'll explore the fact that the most valuable skill we'll ever have is the control of our minds and how we need to make our lifetime career all about discovering and following our bliss!

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It's Not About the Money

Unlock Your Money Type to Achieve Spiritual and Financial Abundance

Brent Kessel is part yogi, part financial planner— one of the most successful financial planners in the US and the financial guru of Yoga Journal. In this Note, we'll explore some Big Ideas on how to discover the Core Story and Archetypes that're driving your financial well being along with the importance of heartfelt goals and generosity in creating spiritual and financial abundance.

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#349 Spiritual Economics

Your New Wealth Vocabulary
Eric Butterworth was a Unity minister in New York City. He wrote a great book called Spiritual Economics that helped me integrate my
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#350 Wealth thru Profound Service

Three Mindsets: Passion + Craftsman + Servant
When I worked with Steve Chandler, one of the themes of our work together was “creating wealth through profound service.” I just love
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#351 Psychological Billionaires

The Science of How to Become One
Continuing our abundance theme, let’s talk about WHY we may be trying to make money and create wealth. There’s only one reason. It’s
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#352 The Affluenza Virus

Four Ways to Inoculate Yourself
Continuing our theme of what science says about money, let’s turn to one of our favorite well-being scientists: Sonja Lyubomirsky. In her
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#441 The Two Goddesses of Wealth

Which One Are You Pursuing?
In Creating Affluence, Deepak Chopra tells a great story about two Goddesses involved in creating abundance in our lives. Now, I’m a
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#648 Making Money BECAUSE You Sleep

Sleeping with Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett
In our last +1, we talked about setting your “work-down” alarm so you don’t need to set a “wake-up” alarm. (For what time did you
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#784 Silent Gifts

Waking up to Them All Day Every Day
In our last +1, we talked about Ferrari-Optimizing Pit Stops and celebrated the people in OUR crews while committing to showing up as
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#843 Power x3

Wantpower + Willpower + Waypower
Way back in the day, we talked about Rick Snyder’s wisdom on The Science of Hope. As you may recall, he tells us that Hope consists of,
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#871 Your Money

Or Your Life (Which Will It Be?)
Imagine for a moment (if you’re open to it, of course) that someone just put a gun to your head and said: “YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE!!!”
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#872 Building a BonFIRE

Financial Independence, Realizing Eudaimonia
In our last +1, we briefly talked about Vicki Robin and her bestselling classic Your Money or Your Life. I mentioned the fact that her book
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#873 Financial FREEDOM

“The Condition of Not Being Imprisoned or in Captivity”
In our last couple +1s, we’ve had some fun (at least I have!) starting to rub some sticks together for our bonFIRE. Recall that the
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#874 The Four FIs

Intelligence + Integrity + Independence + Interdependence
In our last few +1s, we’ve been chatting about the FIRE movement and (if you’ve felt so inspired!), we’ve started gathering some
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#875 FIRE: The Big 3

No Debt + Save at Least 50% + Invest in Index Funds
Continuing our series on how to build a bonFIRE 🔥, Today we’re going to chat about The Big 3 of creating Financial Independence (and
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#921 Cool- (+Kid-)ifying Investing

Rather than Spending Every Dollar We Have
Not too long ago, we started giving Emerson $10 every week. It was Alexandra’s idea to start giving him some money that he could use as he
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#922 Compounding Cash (for Kids)

The Magic of Money Multiplying
In our last +1, we talked about how I’m attempting to make the idea of saving and investing money much cooler than constantly spending

#923 Prosper = “to Go Forward Hopefully”

Not so Much a CONDITION OF Life as It Is an ATTITUDE TOWARD Life
In our last couple +1s, we took a quick look at some of my recent attempts to cool-ify and kid-ify the idea that delaying gratification via
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#924 Prosper + Prospectus

The Two Go (Forward Hopefully!) Together
In our last +1, we revisited our Spiritual Economics dictionary to redefine some key terms. Specifically: Affluence + Security + Prosperity.
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#930 Micro Prospectus

Moving Forward with Hope Carpe Diem Style
Not too long ago we talked about the fact that the word prosperity literally means “to go forward with hope.” Then, as you may recall, I
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#948 Despair --> Hope

The Best Bridge?
In our last +1, we put on our Optimizing nerd glasses ( 🤓 !!!) and explored the etymological (and psychological) opposites: prosper and
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#958 How to Prosper

Some “Pro” Tips (Via a Visit with my Dictionary)
The other day we wrapped up the Fundamentals module of the Mastery Series phase of our Optimize Coach program. (That was a mouthful,
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#969 Optimal Capitalism

The Economist on: What Are Businesses For?
Continuing our chat about How to Prosper, let’s talk about another facet of our session on the subject with our Mastery-Coaches. We’re
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#970 Business as a Force for Good

A Quick Look at Public Benefit Corporations
In our last +1, we took a very quick, high-level look at the growing recognition of the fact that businesses can (and I’d say must!) be
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#971 Investment Strategies

To Optimize Global Culture
In our last couple +1s, we opened up The Economist and chatted about the rise of purpose-driven businesses in general and Public Benefit
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#972 Bless Your Bills

Louise Hay Says: Stamp Your Checks with a Kiss
In our last few +1s, we took a very quick, high-level look at the growing recognition of the fact that businesses can (and I’d say must!)

#1033 Building an Epic Bridge

I Hereby Challenge You to Have a Series of Really Bad Days
In our last +1, we talked about the Big 2 Virtues. Do you recall what science says are the two most important virtues for flourishing?!
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#1070 Taking Things FOR GRANTED vs. AS GRANTED

Let’s Choose Wisely
In our last couple +1s, we talked about the science of gratitude and explored some tips on Robert Emmons’ #1 practice: Gratitude
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#1071 The #1 Obstacle to Gratitude

And Its Remedy
In our last +1, we continued our exploration of the science of gratitude by practicing the grateful art of shifting from taking things
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#1072 Memento Privilege

The Science of Memento Mori
Let’s continue our exploration of the science of gratitude for another moment (or three). In his great book Gratitude Works!, Robert
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#1075 What Went Well? (And Why?!)

Proven Way to Pump up the ‘Ol Gratitude Muscles
Gratitude. Yes, we’ve been chatting about it quite a bit recently. That’s deliberate. You know how we recently established the
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#1078 Success Doesn’t Matter in This World

Commitment Does
This morning I started my Deep Work by reviewing my notes from my recent Coaching call with my Yoda. Among other things, we were talking